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The Top 8 Smart Devices to Enhance your Short-Term Rental

Technology has revolutionized the vacation rental industry, transforming the way property owners manage their rentals, market their properties, set rates, and provide guest services. While guests may not be aware of the technology behind the scenes, they will certainly notice and remember the technology inside your vacation rental property, especially if it offers similar devices to what they have at home. Incorporating smart home technology into your vacation rental can provide numerous benefits for both you and your guests. Let's explore the top smart home devices for your vacation rental property and how they can enhance the guest experience.

  • Smart Locks: Keyless vacation rental locks not only appeal to travelers by eliminating the need for in-person check-ins but also provide a secure way to manage access to your property. With smart locks, you can assign a unique code to each guest that is valid only during their booking period. This eliminates the hassle of lost keys or making multiple key copies. Some vacation rental management companies, including 31 Beaches, provide keyless locks as part of their full-service management, generating unique door codes for each stay or home care visit.

  • Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors offer an added layer of safety for your guests and property. Unlike traditional detectors, smart versions immediately notify you via a mobile app when an alarm is triggered at your property. Some detectors even provide information about the severity of the smoke or carbon monoxide levels, allowing you to differentiate between minor incidents and potential emergencies. This technology enables you to respond promptly and appropriately, ensuring the safety of your guests and property.

  • Smart TVs: Smart TVs allow guests to access their favorite shows and movies through their personal streaming accounts. This not only saves you the cost of cable subscriptions but also provides guests with the convenience of using their own streaming services. Consider providing an HDMI cable so guests can connect their laptops to the TV. If your property doesn't have a smart TV, you can purchase a streaming device like Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick, which offers access to multiple streaming services. Remember to include instructions in your house manual to assist guests in utilizing these features.

  • Smart Thermostats: Heating and cooling costs can quickly add up, especially when guests leave the air conditioning or heating on at full blast throughout the day, regardless of whether they're present or not. Smart thermostats allow you to set specific temperature ranges that guests must adhere to, preventing excessive energy consumption. They also offer the ability to sense when the property is unoccupied and adjust the temperature accordingly. Additionally, you can control the thermostat remotely, enabling you to turn the system on or off and adjust the temperature between guest stays. This feature helps you save both time and money while ensuring guest comfort.

  • Seamless WiFi Connection: In today's connected world, guests rely heavily on a strong and reliable WiFi connection. A single router may not provide sufficient coverage for multiple users or larger properties. Consider investing in a WiFi booster to eliminate any dead spots within your vacation rental property. Some vacation rental management companies, provide powerful WiFi hotspot connections that guests can easily access with just one click. These connections are continuously monitored to identify and resolve any service interruptions promptly.

  • Smart Lighting: Guests often leave lights on throughout the property, even when they are not present. Smart lighting and bulbs can help combat this issue. Guests can easily control lights through voice commands if you have smart speakers like Amazon's Alexa or Google's Home. As a property owner, you can save on electricity costs by remotely controlling the lights after guests depart.

  • Noise Monitoring: Maintaining peace and quiet is essential for both Airbnb hosts and neighboring properties. Noise monitoring systems can help identify excessive noise levels without recording or transmitting audio. Some vacation rental management companies, including 31 Beaches, include noise monitoring systems in certain markets as part of their full-service management. These devices automatically notify your local team if excessive noise is detected, allowing for prompt resolution.

  • Virtual Assistants: Virtual assistants, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, act as the brain of your vacation rental property. Guests can use voice commands to control various smart devices and create a personalized in-home experience. By adding specific "skills" to your virtual assistant device, guests can easily control lights, temperature, entertainment systems, and more. Make sure to provide clear instructions in your handbook to inform guests of the available smart features and how to use them.

By incorporating the right smart home devices into your vacation rental property, you can enhance security, provide a comfortable and convenient experience for guests, and simplify property management, even from a distance. Use this list of top smart home devices and ideas to transform your vacation rental into an exceptional Airbnb space that attracts more guests and ensures their satisfaction.

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