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The Top 5 Most Requested Short Term Rental Amenities

With the increase of short term rentals comes an increased demand for amenities that enhance the guest experience. In this blog post, we will be discussing the top five most requested short term rental amenities.

  • High-Speed Internet

In today's connected world, high-speed internet is a necessity for most travelers. Whether it's for work or leisure, guests expect reliable and fast internet service during their stay. This is especially important for business travelers who need to stay connected and productive while away from the office. To meet this demand, short term rental hosts should ensure that their property has a strong and stable internet connection that is easily accessible.

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen

Many travelers choose short term rentals over hotels because they offer a fully equipped kitchen, allowing them to prepare their own meals and save money on dining out. A well-stocked kitchen with essential appliances, cookware, and utensils is highly desirable for guests. A good host should provide the basic kitchen essentials, such as pots and pans, plates, and utensils, as well as some extras like a coffee maker, toaster, and blender to make guests feel right at home.

  • Parking

For guests who are driving, parking is a crucial amenity. In cities where parking can be a challenge, a private parking spot or garage is highly valued by travelers. Hosts should ensure that they have clear instructions for parking and communicate any restrictions or limitations in advance to avoid any confusion or frustration.

  • Air Conditioning

During the hot summer months, air conditioning is a must-have amenity for short term rentals. Guests expect to be comfortable during their stay, and a cool and comfortable environment can greatly enhance the overall experience. Hosts should ensure that their air conditioning is in good working order and provide clear instructions for its use.

  • Washer and Dryer

For guests staying for longer periods of time, having access to a washer and dryer is highly desirable. This is especially important for families or groups traveling together, as it allows them to pack light and wash their clothes during their stay. Hosts should ensure that their washer and dryer are in good working order and provide laundry detergent and dryer sheets for guests to use.

In conclusion, the demand for short term rentals has increased in recent years, and with it comes a demand for specific amenities that can greatly enhance the guest experience. A short term rental host should consider these top five most requested amenities when preparing their property for guests. By providing these amenities, hosts can ensure that their guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, leading to positive reviews and repeat business. Leave the exact amenity choices up to us! We can maximize your investment by letting you know what guests are requesting in your specific area.

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