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Vacation Rental Insurance 


 Many homeowner's insurance plans do not cover short-term rentals because the insurance is intended for owner-occupied properties. Consider the accommodation security program as an additional layer of liability and property damage insurance. It helps close any gaps and provides you with the extra security you need for your house, visitors, and valuables on the evenings when your vacation home is rented out. 

Our clients and their property's are our first priority. Adding supplemental protection insurance provides coverage for damages or losses that occur during a guest's stay in a vacation rental property. It is designed to protect both the property owner and the guest in the event of accidental damage or theft that may occur during the rental period. Property owners are protected against financial loss, as the insurance will cover the cost of any covered damages or losses that occur during the guest's stay.


San Diego Beaches


  • Spills or stains 

  • Broken furniture 

  • Broken devices 

  • Broken appliances 

  • and more. 


  • Normal wear and tear 

  • Weather Damages 

  • Damage that occurs outside of booking period 

  • Intentional Damage i.e. Destruction of Property 

Overall, vacation rental protection insurance can provide peace of mind for both property owners and guests, as it can help to cover unexpected costs and protect against financial loss. However, it is important to read the policy carefully and understand the terms and conditions of the coverage before purchasing.

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